Choosing the right Performance Management software for you

Why software matters

When colleagues say ‘I hate appraisals’, it often turns out they hate bureaucratic, unhelpful software they have to use.  There are many software platforms available, and no single platform could suit every organisation.  Sadly, too many HR teams are forced to use the performance management module that ‘comes with’ whatever enterprise software is used elsewhere, rather than find a solution that fits the organisation’s aims and objectives for managing performance.  If you are in this situation – do not despair!  Most of the more modern performance management tools can be integrated with existing company software using APIs.  I’m not a techie – but suffice to say, it’s all a lot easier than it was even a decade ago.

When selecting a platform, focus on simplicity.  Identify the absolute minimum requirement, and a couple of ‘nice to haves’.  For example, you might look for a platform that:

  1. Is employee led – meaning each employee writes their review while managers comment
  2. Combines a few core questions with a flexible feedback option
  3. Offers a personal development planning tool

Or you might want to look for a solution that:

  1. Records progress against specific targets
  2. Has options to ‘flag’ both high performing talent and poor performers
  3. Enables a structured career discussion

Do you find yourself immediately wanting all 6 of these?  If so, you might easily end up sourcing a tool that has multiple features that you perceive as useful, at the expense of offering the simplest solution that supports managers to have effective conversations.

Of course, more features can create more data for the HR team to analyse, but better to have high quality data based on an effective process than vast amounts of ‘tick box’ data that may not yield meaningful information.

At 3C we have developed a very simple tool – The Frequent Feedback Platform – that is focused on empowering all colleagues to have meaningful performance conversations.  We are happy to share it with you.  Most of our clients of course already have platforms, and much of our work is about using the tools they have, to drive the best possible outcome for their organisations.  Either way – feel free to drop us a line.


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