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3C Performance Management Canvas 

The power of the 3C Performance Management Canvas comes from capturing motivations and performance drivers rather than describing internal processes.  It reveals the interaction between the employee and the organisation as one of shared purpose.  Using the canvas to design Performance Management will ensure you get it right!

So how does it work?

We work through the canvas with YOU…

…to capture these critical elements for a successful transformation and implementation of a new Performance Management approach:

• I OWN my performance and my manager MANAGES it

• The more I can seek and receive feedback that increases my levels of MASTERY, AUTONOMY and PURPOSE the higher my performance is likely to be

• The more the culture encourages conscientiousness, emotional stability and learning from experience the higher my performance is likely to be

• The more people work in teams with a shared purpose and goals, the higher the overall performance of the organisation is likely to be

The Canvas helps us design the right solutions. But of course, we realise that effective implementation is critical. Read our case studies sharing practical examples of how we implement solutions.

Clients say...

I noticed a real difference in the quality of performance conversations I could have with my team after they had been on the ‘It’s My Conversation’ programme.  Conversations with those who had been on the programme were more meaningful, more constructive and a much better use of both of our time, compared with those who had not. I did the programme myself and found its approach deeply engaging and a very powerful learning experience.

Lucy Hoyte, Strategy Team Leader, Westminster City Council

We couldn’t have designed our new approach to Performance Management without 3C.  They know their stuff, and work from a strong evidence base.  Engaging a large, global organisation is never easy – 3C have shown they understand our challenges and have most importantly helped us re-purpose our performance management to deliver our strategy as well as massively simplify the process for our workforce.

Bernadette Bruton, Global Talent and OD Director, Aviva plc

…3C have had a big impact on how we think about and manage performance.  The interactive development sessions for all managers and introduction of core competencies have really opened our eyes to how we can keep our highly skilled workforce engaged and motivated. Our engineers and project managers are starting to see managing people as a key set of skills that can be learnt and developed, and are enthused about the next stages of the programme.

David Hancox, Chief Operating Officer, Structa LLP

...thank you for the expert work you and your colleagues at 3C have done to help set our objectives and implement our strategy. I did not fully appreciate the benefits until I saw how it has worked out this year. There has been visible change in focus. Much of the success was due to the clear and engaging way you presented the issues to senior staff.

Professor Steven Cowley, CEO, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Having analysed the feedback sheets (nearly 1000), over 78% rated the session 7 or higher. Even better, 95% said the training helped them in their next appraisal, so all in all, very positive indeed. This is remarkable for a mandatory training session!

Sonia Young, Human Resource Services, Anglia Ruskin University

Who we've worked with...

Since 2001, we’ve been transforming performance management in professional, engineering, financial, legal, academic, technical, and government organisations worldwide.