It’s MY Performance Conversation – LIVE virtual drama-based workshops

A revolutionary virtual workshop to change people’s attitude to performance conversations for good…

It’s MY Performance Conversation – for all employees

“Fantastic use of tech.  Thank you – this was really thought-provoking, and thanks also to the actors Adam and Pippa for making it very engaging!” Delegate, Canterbury Christ Church University


It’s MY Performance Conversation creates that lightbulb moment when your people switch on and take ownership of their conversation!

You’ll find Forum Theatre an irresistible way to engage even the most questioning and sceptical manager or employee in the importance of effective year-round performance conversations.

Your people watch short scenes tailored to your key learning objectives for effective year-round performance reviews.  The scenes typically involve a humorous and very recognisable take on what happens when things go badly! Your people can stop the action,  suggest alternative actions, and interact directly with the actors.  Our brilliant facilitators ensure all your people get a chance to contribute as the scenes are run multiple times, exploring new ideas and suggestions.  Everyone is involved, everyone’s voice can be heard.

Virtual Workshop – how does it work?

Your people  tune in via your organisation’s chosen web conferencing facility, to participate in the event live as it happens. Their comments are collated by our facilitator who can put individuals ‘live on air’ to direct the actors. The actors can in turn speak directly to the whoever is ‘live on air’ to seek clarification and further guidance. Our facilitator will keep things on track, ensure that all participants get their opportunity to interact and that all learning points are captured.

It's My Performance Conversation Forum Theatre - watch our short video


  • Forum Theatre is highly effective with technical experts, professionals and academics because it goes straight to the question of behaviour and cuts through any intellectualising
  • Success comes from deep engagement with the staged interaction rather than ‘being clever’ or ‘winning people round’ to a particular viewpoint
  • Forum Theatre provides a space in which issues can be discussed openly and honestly, whilst fictional characters in highly recognisable situations provoke an emotional response from delegates
  • Forum Theatre shows how a successful performance conversation works rather than telling the delegates what to do. The result is that delegates take ownership of the outcomes and introduce a high level of good practice into their workplace
  • It’s a hugely powerful learning experience. The fact that it is very entertaining making the key messages even more memorable!

Ideally run as 60 or 90 minute sessions, Forum Theatre virtual workshops can accommodate up to 20 delegates in any one session. We can run 4 sessions in one day – delivering to up to 80 staff in one day.

You can see how it works in our short promotional video here 

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Clients say...

"Fantastic use of tech.  Thank you - this was really thought-provoking, and thanks also to the actors Adam and Pippa for making it very engaging!"

‘Forum Theatre Live’ Delegate, Canterbury Christ Church University

I cannot recommend your Virtual Trainer programme highly enough.  Thank you Hedda for facilitating such a fabulous programme and in such a very skilful and concise manner.  I am so pleased that I was able to participate and be a part of such an engaging group of people.  I can’t wait to share my new found knowledge with my colleagues and have already made some changes to my eLearning and Library support training session – chat, teaching a process, management grid, icebreakers here we come!

Lisa Harvey, eLearning Support Officer, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

“We couldn’t have designed our new approach to Performance Management without 3C.  They know their stuff, and work from a strong evidence base.  Engaging a large, global organisation is never easy– 3C have shown they understand our challenges and have most importantly helped us re-purpose our performance management to deliver our strategy as well as massively simplify the process for our workforce.”

Bernadette Bruton, Global Talent and OD Director, Aviva plc

Hedda, you were marvellous at directing/guiding us all in the right direction with sublime ease… well, you made it look that easy anyway!  I believe all of the team learnt a considerable amount of useful techniques to use going forwards as virtual trainers.  You ensured that everyone was included and carried us all along excellently.  It was good to see our Advisors blossoming ‘virtually’ as each day went by.

Pete George, Health & Safety Manager, Howdens

I noticed a real difference in the quality of performance conversations I could have with my team after they had been on the ‘It’s My Conversation’ programme.  Conversations with those who had been on the programme were more meaningful, more constructive and a much better use of both of our time, compared with those who had not. I did the programme myself and found its approach deeply engaging and a very powerful learning experience.

Lucy Hoyte, Strategy Team Leader, Westminster City Council

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